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Petwants Portland Testimonial 1

My dog (Boston terrier) LOVES this food. She has a ton of skin and food allergies but thankfully I found this fresh food that she does very well on. The skin products they sell are amazing and Millie’s rash is going away. Yay, thanks to Pet Wants!

Summer Burdeaux
Petwants Portland Testimonial 2

My dog loves the food, treats, and paw wax. He literally brought me the paw wax to apply it on his paws last night.

What's Wrong with Name Brand Foods?

I will never deny that there are absolutely some great pet food products out there! However, most commercial pet food is manufactured in mass quantities and sent to a series of distribution warehouses before finally making it onto the shelf at your local store. There it sits…and waits…sometimes for up to 6-8 months before reaching the store’s shelves or being purchased. Like any food, pet food loses its nutritional value over time and what might have begun as a nutrient-dense diet may now be a diet that is low in nutrition which ultimately can lead to unnecessary sickness, skin problems, and even a shortened life.

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