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Family Dogs New Life Shelter in Portland

Family Dogs New Life Shelter in Portland
  • 16 December 2016
  • Pet Wants

At Pet Wants, we’re passionate about helping pet owners provide the highest quality of life to their dogs and cats. That’s why we make high-quality food for pets from real ingredients, along with other healthy pet products like all-natural pet care items.

Because we are all very big animal lovers, we feel fortunate that we can use our business to do good. In addition to supporting pet health, Pet Wants also supports shelter dogs through our donation program. The shelter we chose to partner with for this initiative is Family Dogs New Life Shelter.

The way our program works is you can donate our high-quality food to the shelter. This can be done on a one-time or recurring basis. We also provide the option to donate by the pound or give the gift of a 55-pound bag.

How Your Donation Will Help Dogs in Need

By donating Pet Wants food to Family Dogs New Life Shelter, you’ll give dogs in need high-quality food that they may have never had in their lives. This can make all the difference for them. Not only will it support their health during a very challenging time, but it will help them look and feel their best. That kind of positive impact is something people will notice, which means your donation can play a key role in a dog getting adopted.

Since this is something we personally care about so much, we match every donation of food. Through our Give.Match.Feed model, we’re proud to match every donation of our food pound for pound with no cap or donation limit.

Learn What Makes Family Dogs New Life Shelter So Special

While we’re very happy that the Portland community is home to a number of shelters that work hard to provide for animals in need, there are a few characteristics that made Family Dogs New Life Shelter stand out to us. With its no kill philosophy, the shelter is devoted to rescuing needy dogs of all breeds, ages and backgrounds.

Family Dogs New Life believes that all dogs deserve a second chance at a new life. They use the wonderful slogan of “it’s not about being perfect, it’s about being perfect for one another.” As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the shelter has been helping dogs since February of 2004. During that time, they’ve found homes for more than 12,000 dogs!

One other aspect of the shelter we want to highlight is how they house the dogs. Instead of keeping them confined in dog runs or kennels, they let them live together in packs of 8 to 20 dogs. This provides the type of socialization benefits pets get from attending a doggy daycare and also allows the shelter to get a much better understanding of every dog’s true personality.

To help support the great work Family Dogs New Life Shelter is doing for dogs in Portland, please donate food to them today.